The Send tab by default only displays the list of your past outgoing transactions and a button that opens the sending form when clicked.


By clicking on the TRANSFER NOW button you will acces the transfer form allowing you to transfer SIGN tokens to any Waves address.

The form includes:

Recipient field: Enter the Waves Address or Alias of the recipient Amount: Enter the amount to send Comments: Enter an optional comment limited to 100 characters, this will be public Transaction Fee: Choose to pay the transaction fee in SIGN or WAVES Confirmation button: To sign and broadcast the transaction


Every action with your account requires you to sign it with your private key. utilizes the Waves Signer library that makes this process very easy for you and 100% secure as everything will be signed locally and no one will have access to your account's private info. Once you've filled the form, click on CONFIRM TRANSFER to start the signature process and open the Waves Signer popin:

You will then receive a confirmation message if everything worked properly:

The transaction will then appear within a couple of seconds in your transaction history on the next actualisation (every 15 seconds) or if you click on the actualize icon on the top bar before it actualizes.


Fields displayed: Date, Recipient address, Transaction ID, Amount sent, Optional attachment

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