Getting started

Signature Chain requires you have a decentralized Waves Blockchain account, you can create one directly from our Web Application or by using

Using a decentralized Web Application means that no one except you has access to your account's private information, such as your Private Key and Secret Seed. It is very important to store this information right away when creating a new account and to never share it with anyone. No one should ever ask you for this information, not even anyone from our team.

Losing your private data will result in the loss of your account and all tokens or credits associated with it, the Signature Chain team won't have any power to retrieve it.

A Waves account is simply a secret seed, which is a string of 15 words, from there an asymetric Key Pair is calculated, giving you a Private Key and a Public Key. The Public Key generates your Waves Account address. Secret Seed office they guide rate magic morning income few attend supreme verb fruit goose above radio

Key Pair { PrivateKey: "6RvkbJPj39ETXyLbBt4hXAC52QgN6LmZZy2nspRwSSD5", PublicKey: "4VZXHgEOAiNy262jpwqG1cjG4fd7a1q86WoS14Uywd3u" }

Address 3PBJgpWfLbcZGVHKmP7bB7tQ7AVtUsYLRQp A Waves address on Mainnet can easily be recognized as it starts with 3P (at the moment) and 3N/3M on Testnet. To use SIGN's Web Application, you will first need a Waves Account, create one if you haven't yet.


To create a new Waves Account go to or and click sign in. If it is your first time accessing it, the following form will appear, fill in the blanks with your chosen password and accept the policy and terms.

If you are on, you will then see the following screen allowing you to either create a new account or import an existing one through your private key or secret seed.

If you created an account on, a new Waves account was automatically created, it is very important to login to right after to save your secret seed and secure it.


To retrieve your account's private details, go to, login with your newly created password, go to the upper right and click on your account name, from there, click on settings and security and copy or write down your Backup Phrase and Private Key, make sure to store them in a safe place and never share them with anyone.


To use an existing account on it first needs to be imported into, all accounts accessible in will automatically be available in Use the following link to import an existing Waves Account

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