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You can access the SIGN Web App at sign-web.app with any web browser on desktop, tablet and mobile


The Web App uses the Waves Signer library from Waves Platform to Login, Sign and Broadcast transactions on the Waves Blockchain.

The library is connecting and communicating with the waves.exchange Provider where all your Waves accounts are stored. Our Web App doesn't have access to any of your private information such as your Private Key and Secret Seed.

More details about Waves Signer on the official documentation or github


When you open the Web App, you only have two tabs available, the Account tab where you can login into, the application and the public Verifier tab that allows anyone to search or verify the validity of a certification.

To login, simply click on SIGN IN and create a password if you don't have an account yet or type your password to access your account list, select an account and you will be automatically connected to the Web App.

Once you are logged in, you will see an option to switch account or to manage your account on waves.exchange. Don't forget to go save your Secret Seed on Waves Exchange if you just created a new account.

You'll now have more options available, more tabs on the left menu and a top bar with your wallet balance /address

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