You have the option to buy Certification Credits with fiat using Paypal/Credit Card.

Certification Credits will allow you to use all the Certification features without the need to hold any token/crypto in your account, instead, a number of credit will be associated to your account and deducted after each Certification.

The credits associated to your account are displayed at the top of the webapp:

To buy credit, you need to click on the "BUY SIGN" button on the left sidebar:

It will open the following popin with 3 options to buy either 10, 25 or 50 certification credits:

Costs are as followed:

10 Credits = 7$ 25 Credits = 16.88$ 50 Credits = 35.50$

Finally, click on "Pay with Paypal" and follow the process through Paypal, you can click on the price, in the top right to verify the details of the order and the address that will be credited with it:

Once the order is validated you will be redirected to the web application and receive the following confirmation message:

After a few seconds, your account will be credited and will display the correct amount.

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